Here's a round-up of new features we've added to deftask in the last month or so.

Search enhancements

Significant improvements were made to date based searches – you can now use natural language to query for created, updated or closed date of a task. For example,

  • created:today returns tasks created today
  • updated:"five days ago" returns tasks updated five days ago
  • closed:"this month" returns tasks closed from the beginning of the month till now
  • Specify date ranges using the operators :>, :<, :>=, :<=. e.g. created:>=november returns tasks created since the beginning of November
  • Combining two or more clauses also works e.g. created:>=september created:<"this week" returns tasks created after beginning of September and before this week

Of course, ISO based dates like 2018-12-01 still work as expected. Our previous post shows how deftask's date based search compares to other issue trackers. You can read our search documentation for more details on the search syntax.

Here's a nifty feature we added this weekend:

As you can see, we added a couple of navigation buttons to each task that allows you to jump to an adjacent (previous or next) task for the current search. It's really useful and surprisingly not that common in other issue trackers.

Create new label from a task

Creating a new label while creating a new task was a thorny problem – you had to open the labels page, create a new label there, then go back to creating your new task. Last week we pushed a fix that makes this problem go away. Now you can create a new label right from the task screen – no need to switch context anymore.

Improvements to sign in flow

A couple of edge cases in the sign in flow were not being handled well.

  • Trying to sign in to a new account while already signed in to another one. Now we ask you to confirm which account you want to continue with.
  • Requesting sign in from one browser but clicking on the emailed magic link from another. This was especially painful on iOS with the Gmail app – you want to sign in on Safari, but Gmail opens the magic link inside a web view. If we detect that the magic link was opened in a different browser, we give you the link to copy it into the original one, while also allowing you to continue in the new browser.

If all this excites you, do give deftask a try. If there's any other feature that you'd like to see in deftask, feel free to email us on