There is no dearth of task management tools out there, so why spend your time trying out another one?

deftask was created with the goal of making task management painless. Instead of piling on bells and whistles, our focus is around letting you perform the most common actions – creating, sharing, organizing and closing tasks – as quickly as possible. deftask wants to get out of your way. Any new features we add will be built with this objective in mind.

That's the philosophy, but why should you use deftask today? Here's a round-up:


deftask has a rich search query syntax that allows you to search for tasks in many convenient ways. For example:

  • lorem — Tasks containing the term lorem
  • is:open, is:closed — All open and closed tasks respectively
  • created:2018-11-27, created:>"two days ago", created:<today — Tasks created on, after or before a given date
  • creator:john, commenter:john, assignee:me — Tasks created by, commented on, or assigned to a project member. me refers to the current user.
  • label:bug created:today — Tasks labeled bug AND created on the given date
  • label:enhancement OR label:bug — Tasks labeled enhancement OR bug
  • NOT label:bug — Tasks not having the label bug
  • (label:bug AND label:production) OR created:2018-11-27 — Use parenthesis to group subqueries and combine them with the operators AND, OR or NOT.

For more details, see the search page under documentation.

Organize with Labels

You can organize your tasks using labels – assign as many labels to a task as you want. Each label is given a color of your choosing to identify it more easily.

An interesting aspect of labels in deftask is that you can organize labels using categories. For any category, only one of its labels can be applied to any task. This makes them useful for things like task type (bug, enhancement, maintenance) tracking status (todo, in progress, done), milestones, etc.

Unread Tasks

All newly created tasks or tasks with new comments are highlighted differently. This makes it easy to spot them at a glance. You can also search for unread tasks using the is:unread search qualifier.

Unread tasks

Quickly Create Tasks

When creating a new task, deftask gives you a chance to pre-select labels based on the current search or task. This facilitates creating tasks "in current context" without needing to select those labels again.

We will also add the ability to add multiple tasks in a batch.

Command-line Client

If you are a developer or a sysadmin, you will love deftask's command-line client. It makes it very convenient to list, create or close tasks. Which means that you don't even need to visit the browser to perform these operations.

deftask command-line client


When you sign up on deftask, the following profile information is made public: your name, profile pic, thumbnail and bio. Everything is your private data.

Everything related to your tasks – title, description, comments, labels – is your private data.

deftask guarantees that we will:

  • Never look at your tasks without your consent (the only time we may need to do this would be to debug an issue)
  • Never analyze the contents of your tasks
  • Never use a third party tracking script on any of our properties
  • Never share your private data with any third parties

For more details, you can read our privacy policy.


If all this makes sense to you, please give deftask a try. While it may be a bit rough around the edges (still in beta), but my hope is that the value it adds even today is significant.

If you have any questions about deftask, feel free to get in touch with us @deftask or

Finally, you can join the deftask users team on deftask and get access to the deftask project where you can stay on top of new developments, file bug reports, request features or comment on existing tasks. Please contact support if you'd like access.

Cover photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash